A journey at the HK Flower Market


I personally LOVE flowers (you might noticed that with my own-design business cards). Being not really romantic, I used to “hate” when I was offered flowers: I used to think that flowers fade after a few days and 3 branches cost a fortune. Hedonist, I preferred to spend money in good food! But this was before watching Jeff Leatham in youtube. Jeff Leatham is the florist designer of the Four seasons in Paris. His compositions are just GORGEOUS! He completely made me change my opinion on flowers. Flowers are sexy, romantic, give life to a room, and make people happy! I now buy flowers every week end (and have to, because my dear husband won’t have the thought to offer me some flowers – Girls, I tell you by experience : WE have to do everything…).

To get back to the videos, I shot a journey at the HK Flower Market. Flowers are definitely cheaper than those at our florist next door and you can even find seeds, plants (you can say Adieu to your Ikea plant), basilic plant, Xmas trees (seen in summer!), local flowers, imported flowers from Holland. You will find roses, lys, orchids, hydrangeas, anthuriums, craspedias,etc.. If you are looking for a florist for your wedding, it is the right place to visit; and the most convenient thing is that the flower market is located some streets from the Wedding Golden plaza.

The Flower Market is located in Kowloon side and is open every day. The nearest MTR station is Prince Edward. Walk east along Prince Edward Road West, follow all the flowers bouquets until you reach the market.

Well, the HK flower market is a paradise for those who love flowers ( trust me, let hubby at home, he will just follow with a sad face).


Sunny Xxx.


The wedding dresses designer we love : Rime Arodaky


Delphine Manivet, Rime Arodaky, Nicole Miller are our favorite wedding dress designers. There dress are quite different from the Vera Wang, Pronovias and Consor: Modern, bohemian, elegant but yet sexy, this is our idea of the perfect wedding dress!

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky is a French designer. Her wedding dresses are bohemian, rock inspired, but yet timeless and sexy. Her creations are perfect for a city wedding. Can you feel that free-spirit feeling and breathe of fresh air?

You can visit her new collection on her website http://www.rime-arodaky.com .

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a shop in Hong Kong that sells those gorgeous bohemian wedding dresses. Meanwhile, let’s have a look on the 2014 collection:


I don’t know about you girls, but I want a pre-wedding shoot like that!

With Love, Sunny Xxx.

Holidays Footage


We produced, shoot and edited this video in January 2014.

This video is a set of different holidays footage: Hawaii, Hong Kong, Tailand & Malaysia. These moments have been captured through very common devices: compact camera (Sony), action cam (GoPro Hero3) and mobile phone (HTC One M7).

SlLFilmMaker put all these footages together to create a pleasant holidays video with a vintage look to create a unique feeling.