M+D Wedding


Footages have been taken with compact cameras and mobile phones during the day. Bol de nouille selected and edited the best moment to create this authentic and emotional video.


Wedding video: How to have a beautiful video with a limited budget


Hello girls,

So you are planning your wedding and have already reach the budget limit ? And you are thinking of how to cutting it low. Well, instead of letting go your beautiful dress (no way!), why not cutting the video budget (2000USD)? You can have a beautiful wedding video by making editing your friends and family videos by a professional.

Here is what can be done:

Prices vary depending of the length of the video but the short video (3-5min) generally cost USD250/300 .

The professional will select the best moment, retouch the videos, and edit them to give a nostalgic touch.



TV PROGRAM WE LOVE: BEAUTY BIBLE – The professional Korean advices on beauty


Korean beauty, make-up, skin care are nowadays trendy and have no more to prove at a worldwide scale. Beauty bloggers all around the globe are written about their products and praise their virtues: Tony Molly, Innesfree, Skin food, Nature republic… . Every girl have tried or adopted their BB/CC cream. If you like korean products, you will be addicted to this TV program and say Adios! to the sponsored beauty bloggers!

Well, KBS launched a new TV program since this summer called “Beauty bible”. It broadcasts Korean professional advices on skin care, make-up, hair, fashion, body care. You will discover, among other, Natural and home-made facial masks, advices for reducing pores, facial massage technics, natural look make-up, latest make-up and hairstyle trends, etc…

Beauty bible is presented by After school members (a k-pop girls band). For this TV program, they take on the role of beauty editors. They look for professional advices according to the season: for instance how to take care of your skin in spring/summer and in autumn/winter. And Yayyyy, the program is fully subtitled in english.

If you miss the episodes, you will find them on the KBS Youtube channel ( and for those who don’t know yet, you can watch KBS on live!! – For those who love cute babies actions, I will recommend: The return of Superman (we follow 4 celebrity fathers parenting, on their own, their kids – twins and triplets!)

Beauty Bible ep.1 – F/W season:

The skin gets dry in fall. Prepare for the fall season. Pi Hyeonjeong tells what is a tonic for the skin. What is the trend of the 2014 fall and winter seasons? Learn about merlot purple make-up with make-up artist Kim Miso. What perfume do men like? See how charming floral perfume is.

Beauty Bible ep.2 – F/W season:

What is trendy nail art for fall? Velvet nails and caviar nails! Metallic make-up for the runway. Try turning it into daily make-up. Get rid of hair exhausted in summer. Get a two cut bob for fall! Maintain moisture. Find out how to maintain moisture for 26 hours.

Beauty Bible ep.3 – F/W season:

An eco life for a beautiful world. Learn about nature-friendly running and natural cosmetics. Find out about eco living which makes you healthy. Kong Hyojin is the queen of romantic comedy. See how to create her trendy makeup. Learn tips from a professional makeup artist.

Beauty Bible ep.4 – F/W season:

Actresses look bold on the red carpet. Learn all of their secrets. Eye miracle care, aura makeup and 2-week body management. Find out the know-how of actresses on looking good.

Beauty Bible ep.5 – F/W season: 

Beauty Bible ep.6 – F/W season:

It’s a golden age of K-beauty. The basic for K-beauty is skin. Learn how to massage the face for a younger look. Pi Hyeonjeong talks about inner beauty. Then, see how K-beauty makeup is done. Find out everything about beautiful Seoul women.

Beauty Bible ep.7 – F/W season: 

Beauty secrets of SNS stars you want to be like.
First, Ko Junhui’s alluring makeup. Then Lee Hyori’s self wedding hair. Everything you can do for a wedding all by yourself. Then stretching exercises to have a nice ‘Y’ line. Find out all the beauty secrets of SNS beauty stars.

Hope you will like these beauty tips!



A journey at the HK Flower Market


I personally LOVE flowers (you might noticed that with my own-design business cards). Being not really romantic, I used to “hate” when I was offered flowers: I used to think that flowers fade after a few days and 3 branches cost a fortune. Hedonist, I preferred to spend money in good food! But this was before watching Jeff Leatham in youtube. Jeff Leatham is the florist designer of the Four seasons in Paris. His compositions are just GORGEOUS! He completely made me change my opinion on flowers. Flowers are sexy, romantic, give life to a room, and make people happy! I now buy flowers every week end (and have to, because my dear husband won’t have the thought to offer me some flowers – Girls, I tell you by experience : WE have to do everything…).

To get back to the videos, I shot a journey at the HK Flower Market. Flowers are definitely cheaper than those at our florist next door and you can even find seeds, plants (you can say Adieu to your Ikea plant), basilic plant, Xmas trees (seen in summer!), local flowers, imported flowers from Holland. You will find roses, lys, orchids, hydrangeas, anthuriums, craspedias,etc.. If you are looking for a florist for your wedding, it is the right place to visit; and the most convenient thing is that the flower market is located some streets from the Wedding Golden plaza.

The Flower Market is located in Kowloon side and is open every day. The nearest MTR station is Prince Edward. Walk east along Prince Edward Road West, follow all the flowers bouquets until you reach the market.

Well, the HK flower market is a paradise for those who love flowers ( trust me, let hubby at home, he will just follow with a sad face).


Sunny Xxx.

The wedding dresses designer we love : Nicole Miller


Delphine Manivet, Rime Arodaky, Nicole Miller are our favorite wedding dress designers. There dress are quite different from the Vera Wang, Pronovias and Consor: Modern with a vintage inspiration, this is our idea of the perfect wedding dress!

Nicole Miller

For those in Hong Kong, who can’t fly to France to buy a Delphine Manivet or Rime Arodaky wedding dress, you might want to try Nicole Miller’s wedding gown.

Nicole Miller is an american fashion designer who learned arts in US and France. Her irreverent style of clothing has been worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Joss Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé, Blake Lively and Eva Longoria among others

Cheryl Yang, the Taiwanese actress, was spot with a gorgeous Nicole Miller wedding gown. If you wonder where to buy this sublime dress in Hong Kong, you may want to have a look on the entire collection on the website www.nicolemiller.com and shop at www.missbrideweddingshop.com (shop located in Central).

Her style is simple, elegant, sexy and vintage inspired. Have a look!

nicole-miller-wedding-dress-8-1nicole-miller-wedding-dress-8 nicole-miller-wedding-dress-9 nicole-miller-wedding-dress-5-1 nicole-miller-wedding-dress-5nicole-miller-wedding-dress-7nicole-miller-wedding-dress-6

Am I the only falling for theses dress and atmosphere ??? (

Wedding dresses are too beautiful to be worn only once -_-

With Love, Sunny Xxx.

The wedding dresses designer we love : Rime Arodaky


Delphine Manivet, Rime Arodaky, Nicole Miller are our favorite wedding dress designers. There dress are quite different from the Vera Wang, Pronovias and Consor: Modern, bohemian, elegant but yet sexy, this is our idea of the perfect wedding dress!

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky is a French designer. Her wedding dresses are bohemian, rock inspired, but yet timeless and sexy. Her creations are perfect for a city wedding. Can you feel that free-spirit feeling and breathe of fresh air?

You can visit her new collection on her website http://www.rime-arodaky.com .

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a shop in Hong Kong that sells those gorgeous bohemian wedding dresses. Meanwhile, let’s have a look on the 2014 collection:


I don’t know about you girls, but I want a pre-wedding shoot like that!

With Love, Sunny Xxx.



Well, well, well… let’s go back to my passion: filming. It all began because of him : Casey Neistat.

Casey Neistat is a Freelance American TV commercial producer. He has  60-plus videos on YouTube and over 30 million views. He worked, among others, for Nike and Mercedes.

Below is my favorite video and the one which made me start filming:

Make it count – This Nike video made the buzz with 12 millions views.

Don’t you have the same feeling? YES! WE ALSO CAN DO IT!

Sunny Xxx

The wedding dresses designer we love : Delphine Manivet


Delphine Manivet, Rime Arodaky, Nicole Miller are our favorite wedding dress designers. There dress are quite different from the Vera Wang, Pronovias and Consor: Modern, bohemian, elegant but yet sexy, this our idea of the perfect wedding dress!

Delphine Manivet

Delphine Manivet is a Parisian fashion designer. Her wedding dresses combine tradition and modernity for models stack in the air. If you are looking for a vintage-inspired dress, you will definitely fell for these wedding dresses. You will really feel like you are drag back in the 70’s.  Lilly Allen and Doutzen Kroes already felt for those creations, will you?

Creations sold between 2000 and 5000 euros. Here is the official website: http://www.delphinemanivet.com, I am still looking for a bride shop in HK that sell these stunning dresses and I will keep you posted!


We must say that the photographer did a great job too!

With Love, Sunny Xxx.

If you like these wedding dresses, you might also like the Rime Arodaky’s wedding dresses. 

Holidays Footage


We produced, shoot and edited this video in January 2014.

This video is a set of different holidays footage: Hawaii, Hong Kong, Tailand & Malaysia. These moments have been captured through very common devices: compact camera (Sony), action cam (GoPro Hero3) and mobile phone (HTC One M7).

SlLFilmMaker put all these footages together to create a pleasant holidays video with a vintage look to create a unique feeling.